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  Care Instructions

This page imparts relevant information about our rush products, the recommended care instructions and some advice should any accidents or damage transpire.


Our rush products are hand woven using a variety of freshwater bulrush. When the rushes are newly harvested they appear green in colour. Over time and through exposure to the air and sunlight the colour of the rushes changes to a more beige hue. This process typically takes between 2 - 6 months depending upon the mat's location and position.

Essential Care

If rushes become particularly dry they become brittle and susceptible to damage. To negate the risk of harm we advise all of our customers to dampen our products every 4-6 weeks with a handheld garden sprayer. This is particularly important if there is underfloor heating, or if a product is exposed to a lot of sunlight or heat. Please note that this is a guideline; as all of our products are sent to different environments and locations we advise each of our customers to judge the condition of their products regularly by feeling the rushes; if they feel dry or, with mats, if you can hear a crackling sound underfoot, please increase the frequency of the spraying.
Baskets are more robust and can be sprayed less frequently.


The rush products can be cleaned with soapy water, a hand-held or cylinder vacuum cleaner or using a brush. For mats we advise, if possible, that customers use a cylinder vacuum cleaner as opposed to an upright and carry the dust collector as opposed to drag it across the mats. This will help to protect the mat against potential wear and tear caused by everyday cleaning.
In regards to spillages; any liquid which falls on to a rush mat will sit on top of the mat for a short time before seeping through the braid to the surface underneath. As soon as a spillage occurs please use a cloth to clean the surface of the mat and then, if possible, lift up the mat to absorb the residual liquid. No staining will occur if these actions are performed within a reasonable period of time.


In the event of any serious damage occurring please do not panic! Whether as a result of a burst water pipe, a young child or a mischievous, family pet all damage can be repaired without having to replace the entire product for new. Damaged matting strips can be cut out and replaced with new strips; fresh rushes can be threaded over marks or small holes; and well-worn basket handles can easily be exchanged for new.

Please remember that we are always here to help and should you have any questions or concerns at any point please contact us and we'll do our very best to assist you.

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