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  Traditional Rush Matting


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  Our traditional rush matting is hand woven and hand sewn in our workshop in Suffolk using the exact same techniques of our historical predecessors. Installed as a wall to wall carpet or a feature mat, the matting can be hand cut to any size and shape, as well as fitted around obstructions and interior detailing such as hearths, bay windows, radiator pipes and floor sockets. Environmentally friendly underlay is available as an optional extra. The underlay is hand sewn to the bottom of any mat or carpet, and offers an extra layer of comfort and depth; please see the 'Environmentally Friendly Underlay' page for further information.

Rush matting is a natural and environmentally friendly product that 'lives' within a house releasing an organic aroma, and adding texture and interest to an interior arrangement. To preserve its beauty and strength it is necessary to lightly spray the mat with water once every 4-6 weeks depending upon its proximity to heat and light. Please refer to our 'Recommended Care Instructions' page for further information.

Rush matting is priced per square meter and our price includes the cost of the binding on the two shortest edges of a mat. Additional binding is charged per linear meter. Delivery charges are not included in the square meter price and are calculated on an order to order basis. A measuring and fitting service is available upon request. Each strip of matting is approximately 8cm wide and 1cm deep.

Waveney Rush matting has been made by us for over sixty years and is sometimes fondly referred to as 'Apple Matting' on account of our past affiliation and business partnership with Waveney Apple Growers of Aldeby. Rest assured no apples were harmed, or indeed included, in the production process!

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Environmentally Friendly Underlay

Measuring and Fitting Service


Rush Matting


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