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  Our Rushes

For cotton we go to Egypt, for chocolate we go to Belgium and for bulrushes we go to The Netherlands…..or do we?!

In collaboration with the Environment Agency, the Broads Authority, the Waveney River Trust, and local landowners, we are proud to say that English bulrushes are back at Waveney Rush.  Following a couple of ‘test’ years we are delighted to be harvesting English bulrush once again in the River Waveney and hope that we can build on recent progress to ensure that the rush beds are managed in a sustainable way that safeguards their future potential, whilst protecting the natural river course, benefiting the indigenous wildlife, and improving accessibility for other river users.

Our primary concern remains the quality of our products, and the quality of the rushes combined with the expertise of our highly trained team, is wholly intrinsic to this concern. We will continue to acquire samples from around the world to check and compare the quality of the rushes to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best bulrushes that nature can offer. Our rushes are specifically chosen for their size, girth and length, their softness, their colour and cleanliness, and very importantly, their aroma. 

After over 69 years in the rush weaving trade we know and understand our rushes and which rushes make the best products for you; products that will last and will look and smell beautiful for years to come. We are keeping everything crossed that the River Waveney bulrushes come out on top year after year after year.


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