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Our History

Waveney Rush Limited was created on account of the skills and passion of a group of East Anglian Weavers and the ingenuity of a local business that wanted to keep hard working and loyal seasonal workers in employment throughout the entire year.

In 1947 an apple growing and harvesting company called Waveney Apple Growers, based in Aldeby, took over the local rush industry workshop to offer their multitude of seasonal workers a means of employment throughout the winter. The skills of rush weaving were passed from individual to individual, generation to generation, and the business thrived supplying baskets and carpets to National Trust and Heritage properties as well as Royalty, at home and abroad, and many renowned designers and notable individuals. Our rush matting is still known by some today as 'apple matting' on account of this past affiliation with Waveney Apple Growers.

In 1999 Waveney Apple Growers relocated and the rush business was sold separately and renamed Waveney Rush Limited. The Truman family purchased the business and operations were transferred from Aldeby to its current site at The Old Maltings on the North Bank of Oulton Broad. The family have remained committed to the cause of preserving the craft and the knowledge and unique skills of the team of weavers amidst difficult economic conditions and fierce competition from imported imitations. New weavers have been trained, and visits from local groups and enthusiasts are welcomed and enjoyed by all.

The craft of rush weaving dates back to Anglo-Saxon times and is believed to be East Anglia's oldest recorded industry. Rush weaving prospered as a cottage industry and groups of ladies would gather in their houses and villages to use the locally sourced rushes to weave baskets and carpets. In medieval times rushes would be strewn on the floors for warmth; in latter years the rushes were then braided and sewn together to make beautiful and practical carpets for the more affluent. Rush mattresses were also commonly used by the upper classes as one of the many 'layers' that constituted a finished mattress.

Today the techniques and craftsmanship of rush weaving remain unchanged and the long history of the craft continues; constantly adapting to find and maintain its place in the modern era. All of our customers are part of this history and help us to preserve the craft and the skills of our weavers for future generations to learn about and appreciate.

Our Living History




Whilst the hairstyles and fashions may have changed over the years, the way we prepare our rushes has not changed...








The way we weave the rushes has not changed...








The way we sew our baskets and matting has not changed...

Waveney Rush's long and rich past is embedded in our work, our experience and our quality. All of the unique skills involved have been passed down through the generations of weavers ensuring that the expertise of our predecessors is preserved, and their knowledge and understanding of the craft developed to ensure the survival of a piece of our country's manufacturing heritage.


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